• Tri-Modes of Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4GHz & Type-C Cable • 65% Compact Minimalism Layout • Hot-Swappable • Long-lasting & Abundant Battery • Reliable Tri-Modes with Maximum 3 Devices • 18 RGB Backlight Modes


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68 Keys, Just Perfect

65% compact designed layout with individual arrow keys and control keys, which is a huge optimization of 60% and 70% layout. Still compact size with more friendly and easier command input.

Practical Extra 7 Keys

RK68 boasts both practical and compact features while retaining a minimalist layout and it also geared with arrow keys and frequently used control keys.


RGB backlight is always considered as one of the important elements for mechanical keyboards. Akko 5108S keyboard features SMD LED RGB with 18 preset modes. You can easily switch between different types of effects. Thanks to the PC case, the underglow lights can be shine-through to light up your desktop.


keyboard comes in two version RK68 . They have the same PCB and mounting type, except that they are with keycaps in different profiles and matching different systems - the AIR version with OEM profile keycaps is perfectly suitable for MacOS while the RK68 version with OEM profile for general operating systems. Both of the OEM profiles are in sculpted shape and are comfortable for daily typing.