• 75% Layout • Mount: Gasket & Top Mount • Case: Transparent Acrylic • Keycaps: Polycarbonate • Switches: V3 Crystal Pro • Plate: Polycarbonate • PCB: Hotswap, RGB Backlit • Wireless: 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 5.0, 3000mAh Battery • Wired: USB-C

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  • AKKO V3 Crystal Pro

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ICE 75 Multi-Mode

With its multi-mode connectivity options including 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, and USB-C wired connection, you are no longer limited in how you can connect. Moreover, it supports storing up to 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

2.4Ghz Wireless

ICE75 is equipped with a receiver that allows users to utilize the 2.4GHz wireless mode, providing low latency suitable for gaming and typing purposes.

BT 5.0

ICE75 makes it easy to connect up to 3 devices with a simple Fn+E/R/T combination, enabling seamless switching between tablets, computers, and phones.

USB-C Wired Mode

ICE75 offers a choice for users who prefer a USB-C wired keyboard, ensuring consistent and rapid response times for FPS gaming and minimal input lag.

MonsGeek Driver

The key/lighting effects customization can be programmed by MonsGeek driver in all three modes.

In all three modes, the lighting effects can also achieve audio visualizer effects with MonsGeek driver.

3mm EVA Plate Foam

MonsGeek ICE75 features EVA Plate Foam, enhancing sound dampening for a premium typing experience.

*Disclaimer: Using thicker foam may reduce flex, whether to include it or not is down to your personal preference

Silicone Case Dampener

A VHB insulation layer has been added to the bottom case in order to prevent any short-circuit issues. It’s rare for these issues to occur but we want to add extra protection.

Gasket & Top Mounted Structure

ICE75 offers dual mount types; users can seamlessly transition between the default Gasket structure and the Top-mounted option, providing a personalized and adaptable typing experience!

South-facing PCB

The south-facing PCB of the ICE75 avoids causing interference with Cherry profile keycaps during customization, offering more compatibility and flexibility.

V3 Crystal Pro Switches

Type: Linear

Operating Force: 45gf ± 5gf

End Force: 60gf ± 5gf

Total Travel: 3.8mm

Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm

Material: PC/PC/PC